This section contains some recommendations for an implementation guide for the items presented in the Livelink section of my site. The notes here are only a rough guide, more detail instructions are included with each customisation if required.

In general read the provided documentation and try to understand and follow this documentation, this should allow you to judge the usefulness of an item and will help you become aware of any issues that you may face relevant to you own installation of Livelink when implementing an item.

It is always recommended to thoroughly test out any changes on a development/test installation of Livelink before applying them to the 'live' server, as this will highlight any issues and reduces the chances that a change will affect your 'live' environment in a negative way. If you are looking at several changes, please apply them seperately to ensure that each beds in on their own and apply them in the same order on both environments. In many companies this will be managed by a 'Change Request' system.

Many people also find it helpful to maintain details of what the change you are making is, what it affects and how to safely remove it - although this is likely to be included in any 'Change Request' document. This complete Change History can then be used when you create another Livelink server or create a replica / replacement of your existing one to ensure that all the changes are copied across.

Please also read the Livelink section disclaimer which covers trademarks, support, liability etc.

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